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Recently Juniper Media, a technological media enterprise that provides free CRM reviews from internet sources, released This latest website is designed to be a data-rich source and web-based forum for information regarding CRM, latest CRM news, free CRM reviews, and online discussions. places emphasis on the current problems and technicalities that may dictate the effectiveness or failure of CRM visions, processes and software functions as an authority for data resources needed by enterprise and information technology executives and teams to optimize their business and performance. Business leaders are seeking to improve their customer relationship management strategies, overall processes, and ultimately achieve maximum results.’s unique integration of primary data, publications and user-gathered content provides companies with an innovative source of data that helps them to achieve their goals.

The Managing Director of Beagle Research, a CRM analyst company, claimed: “CRMsearch editors act as the community sponsor of new research, curator for fragmented CRM information, moderator for community socialized content and authors of original content. It’s their job to stimulate the community conversation and promote user generated content through a transparent democratization process.”

CRM prospects seek an informative and consistently updated data resource that provides selective, genuine and free CRM reviews that increases their knowledge, assists them in making decisions, and ultimately gives them more leverage in their industry profession. members are comprised of industry experts, practitioners, public media professionals, scholars, professors, and vendors. Altogether, they share free CRM reviews, expertise, and feedback from contrasting perspectives regarding the benefits and disadvantages of the CRM market.

The chief executive officer of Juniper Media, Chuck Schaeffer, states: “The blend [of content] achieves a holistic perspective, and what we call ‘content with utility’—where all content is authentic, relevant, balanced, opinionated, and delivered by a transparent and trusted source,” If you are looking for diverse, rich CRM information and free CRM reviews, was built to serve your research needs.


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