Sales Professionals Want Independence and Support: Sales Contact Management Software Provides the Balance

There is a reason why your sales reps chose the profession in which they work – they like to use their skills to close lucrative deals. They also most likely enjoy the thrill of the competition, forming relationships with key accounts, talking about similar interests with decision makers, and managing their own time. If yours is like most companies supporting outside sales reps, your sales team set their own hours, manage their own time and report by way of closed deals. This is not to say you don’t communicate, but the atmosphere is clearly different. If you haven’t created an environment in which your reps can operate independently, while also receiving the support they need, it’s time to implement sales contact management software.

Sales Contact Management Software: History

With the right sales contact management software in place, your sales teams can enjoy complete visibility into the contact’s history. In other words, every interaction a customer has had with your company will be tracked in the sales contact management software solution. This ensures your sales reps always know what’s going on with their clients so they can be proactive in supporting their needs and closing more sales.

Sales Contact Management Software: Follow-Up

Your sales reps are often selling on reputation. While that reputation is sometimes that of the company’s, it is more importantly the reputation of the sales rep. This is especially true in repeat sales. Your customers want to know that whatever the sales rep tells them will be true and will happen. Something as simple as missing a promised follow-up can wreck that reputation; this can easily happen without the right tools to stay organized. Sales contact management software makes this easy, allowing your reps to schedule follow-ups and creating reminders when they need to happen.

Sales Contact Management Software: Generate Leads

Every sales rep loves leads as they indicate there is a possibility of a sale. Anyone who has ever had to cold call to create a territory knows how challenging this can be and what a relief it is to receive qualified leads. With the right sales contact management software solution in place, your sales reps can easily create Lead Capture Pages and web forms from scratch. This enables them to track all the leads received, schedule calls and follow-ups to close the deals. By streamlining this process, your sales reps have more time to spend on closing than identifying.

Sales Contact Management Software: Get Things Done

Your sales reps have a lot to do on any given day in order to achieve everything you want them to achieve. If they have been at this game for a while, they likely have a system in place that works well for them. If you make any changes to your expectations, however, that can upset their proven methods and lead to an unhappy sales rep. Mitigate this situation with sales contact management software. Your sales rep will recognize that the tools provided in this platform can help them to streamline their activities and get more done in a day. After all, anything that gives them more time in the field is bound to be widely accepted.

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