The Benefits of Mobile CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a powerful force within any sales department, enabling professionals to manage leads, court potential customers and close profitable sales. When the sales rep is in the field, however, he or she needs access to CRM data on the go. This creates the perfect environment for mobile CRM software to support the active sales professional and the healthy company focused on growth. Here you’ll find seven ways mobile CRM software has made sales, marketing and customer service jobs easier.

Mobile CRM Software Enables Changes on the go

The sales rep in the field needs access to customer accounts to make changes on the go. When these changes are made in the field with mobile CRM software, they take effect immediately in the office. This ensures customers calling into your support personnel won’t be met with conflicting information. DirecTV’s technical sale’s group implemented mobile CRM software and saved 90 hours per week in time and increased the number of accounts visited by 30 percent.

Scheduling is Important in Mobile CRM Software

Regardless of the number of hours your sales reps spend in the field, they have to be able to schedule their time wisely. If a rep has to wait until he or she returns to the office to schedule a meeting with a client, they run the risk of losing a sale, creating errors in scheduling or forgetting to input the data altogether. Mobile CRM software offers groupware integration to support calendaring and email on the go, ensuring your reps never have to worry about scheduling when they are out of the office.

Mobile CRM Software Enables Productivity Increases

Any laptop user understands the challenges with lugging a laptop while on the road. You either can’t find a power source, a WiFi hotspot or both. With mobile CRM software, your sales reps use their Smartphone to login to the CRM platform using their 3G – or WiFi when available – connection. This allows your sales reps to accomplish more in less time. General Binding Corp. implemented mobile CRM software and immediately recognized productivity gains from instant access to all customer information.

Customer Satisfaction Increased with Mobile CRM Software

When your sales reps are in the field, they need the capability of answering customer questions and addressing issues on the spot. With mobile CRM software, this capability is immediately enabled. Reps in the field can place orders, update an account, check on an invoice, track delivery and schedule a service call. This level of responsiveness to the customer’s needs helps to increase loyalty, as well as future revenues.

Business Process Efficiency is Improved with Mobile CRM Software

Your reps in the field are the ones setting up your next orders, securing your next revenue stream and addressing customer issues. Not much can happen in the back office if you don’t have real-time information streaming in from your sales force. With mobile CRM software, any information needed to move an order through, change a delivery, increase an order, etc. can be done on the customer site. Miyachi Unitek Corp., a global equipment supplier, rolled out mobile CRM software to its sales team, providing instant access to leads, reports, opportunities, contacts, and quotes. Now, reps are more productive and response time has dramatically improved.

More Face Time with the Customer Possible with Mobile CRM Software

Sales reps only have so much time to be in front of the customer simply because they have too many other activities to do to manage their territory. Mobile CRM software takes much of the busy work out of the equation, streamlining the necessary activities the sales rep must complete within the CRM platform. As a result, the frontline employees back at your location can more readily focus on serving the customer and increasing their productivity.

Better Use of CRM with Mobile CRM Software

Sales reps don’t like busy work anymore than any other employee, especially if it means less time in the field. As a result, too many will resist using CRM software. Mobile CRM software helps you to increase adoption of your CRM platform, ensuring you can drive more value from your investment. With this increased use, you can more readily streamline processes according to data captured, enjoying greater revenue and profitability.

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