Top 3 CRM iPhone Apps

The proliferation of the Smartphone throughout the consumer and commercial sectors has changed the way your traveling professionals communicate, conduct business and access proprietary information. One dominant Smartphone device is the iPhone and customer relationship management (CRM) is rapidly advancing into the mobile CRM space. With CRM iPhone apps, sales reps, technicians and others in the field have what they need at their fingertips.

The Benefits of CRM iPhone Apps

You’re most likely familiar with the benefits that CRM applications deliver to your organization. What if you could access those same benefits while on the go? If your sales reps did not have to return to the office to update a lead, close a sale, place an order or update a customer account, how much more productive could they be in a day? iPhone CRM apps enable your in-the-field professionals to gain access to customer accounts and contact information, updating leads, opportunities, financial information, accounting data, marketing lists, competitors, products and more, all while on the go. This ensures your in-house support staff has instant access to updated information in real-time, before the rep ever leaves the customer site.

Veeva Systems Offers CRM iPhone Apps

Focused heavily on pharma CRM, Veeva Systems has long been focused on usability and end user satisfaction. This provider offers the VMobile iPhone Edition which will work anywhere a pharma sales rep gains access to a cellular signal or WiFi hotspot. One of many CRM iPhone apps, the VMobile solution enables reps to access their entire customer territory while in the field; drill down into professional information and customer demographics, access the daily calendar for scheduled calls and to schedule new activities, execute detailed reports, and gain instant access to directions from one customer location to the next. Accera, a commercial-stage biotechnology company, launched the VMobile CRM iPhone apps for mobile professionals, saving the company both time and money.

CRM iPhone Apps Include Products from Sage

As a strong leader in the CRM space, it was only a matter of time until Sage launched its own platform to fit inside the CRM iPhone apps space. With the Sage CRM for iPhone, sales teams in the field can easily access Sage CRM through the iPhone. The user experience is said to be rich and Sage positions the solution as allowing sales teams to improve effectiveness and increase sales. By taking advantage of the native Apple capability, including date spinner and accelerometer, as well as click-to-dial to instantly connect with contacts while in the contact management mode. American Pool has implemented CRM iPhone apps from Sage, reporting the crisp look and easy-to-use spinners to select lists, providing users with the information they need in the field; a measureable advantage.

Microsoft won’t be Left in the Cold with CRM iPhone Apps

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has long extended key capabilities within the organization and the company opted to implement one of CRM iPhone apps to work in the sales field. A number of different companies offer a Microsoft Dynamics app, yet the company itself was called on to solve a challenge for one company evaluating CRM iPhone apps. Microsoft Dynamics NAV worked with Theta Software in the development of the app, targeted specifically for Holdfast, a construction company, and its 22-member sales team. Using an off-the-shelf iPhone app, CWR Mobile CRM, the developers in this case were able to provide the features Holdfast wanted that would integrate well between the iPhones in the field and their Windows-based system in house. In this situation, Theta understood the needs of the target customer and recommended a CRM app that would meet the challenge.

Sales reps get little done in the office if their key focus is outbound sales. CRM iPhone apps enable clean integration between the CRM platform and the Smartphone device to ensure optimal performance in the field.

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