What’s a Viable Salesforce.com Alternative?

The talk around the water cooler tends to steer towards salesforce.com when customer relationship management (CRM) is the topic of choice. For those who would prefer not to go down the Salesforce path, however, there are other options on the market that are just as powerful and provide just as much value. They may not have the AppExchange, but you’ll find that these providers want to meet your CRM needs as a salesforce.com alternative.

SageCRM Positioned as a Salesforce.com Alternative

A powerful player in the CRM space, SageCRM.com serves as a viable salesforce.com alternative. The company has a direct presence in 24 countries and more than 30,000 sage-certified partners specializing in business applications. The sheer reach this company has makes it an optimal choice when searching for a salesforce.com alternative. The company ensures its platform is easy to integrate and use and offers a fully customizable dashboard, relationship management graphs, real-time synchronization with MS Exchange, centralized meeting management and a fully customizable graphical workflow.

Salesforce.com Alternative: NetSuite

NetSuite has been a force in the software field for years, offering a full range of solutions to meet the needs of the growing business. Its comprehensive cloud-based CRM solution set comes complete with customization tools to ensure the needs of your organization can be easily met. One differentiation for this provider is that its on demand solution is a complete solution with both front and back office capabilities. A real-time analytics dashboard provides the necessary insight to access role specific information at a glance. All the standard CRM features are there, including marketing automation, sales force automation and customer support and service.

SugarCRM Offers a Salesforce.com Alternative

SugarCRM has long been the provider of choice for those smaller businesses that want the power of salesforce.com, but don’t want to pay the salesforce.com pricing. As a viable salesforce.com alternative, SugarCRM offers all of the same features as Salesforce, in an open source platform. The platform was designed to be open, flexible and intuitive, evolving along with you as you integrate your data and your platforms. SugarCRM often offers special discounts for salesforce.com customers seeking a more cost-effective salesforce.com alternative. SugarCRM boasts that its platform is more secure than Salesforce, protecting your data, even if a failure occurs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Acts as a Salesforce.com Alternative

The cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics solution – which is also available as an on-premise deployment – is a strong salesforce.com alternative. The CRM solution is offered at a lower cost than salesforce.com and different plans are available for different companies, including professional, advanced and enterprise levels. Customer service capabilities get a boost from the Web-based solution, while workflows are automated and analytics are readily available to boost the productivity of any business. Microsoft boasts its solution is more economical than salesforce.com, while also offering clean integration into your Microsoft environment.

Maximizer CRM Live – a Potential Salesforce.com Alternative

Maximizer is not always the first company to catch attention when searching for a salesforce.com alternative, but this one is worth a closer look. This platform offers a quick deployment and simple set-up to ensure your users are up and running within hours. Little technical expertise is needed to manage the system. The standard CRM features are readily available, and automatic feature upgrades ensure you are never at a loss with your CRM data or capabilities. This solution is built on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform and Maximizer promises 99.5 percent uptime.

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