Assistly 2.0 Uses CRM Reviews to Help Small Companies

Assistly, a Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) solution vendor, recently decided to revamp their business strategy to become more affordable for small to medium-sized enterprises. Unlike many other providers, Assistly offers an application for CRM reviews to allow companies to interact with clients through a wide range of social media websites such as email, Twitter and Facebook. Since Assistly is originally a byproduct of customer service, CRM reviews has played a central role in shaping the product’s features and affordability. Their new enterprise model, Assistly 2.0, strives to address all concerns voiced through CRM reviews. 

Alex Bard, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Assistly, informed VentureBeat that the company currently provides an account with Assistly cost-free. For expansion incentive, Assistly allows small to medium-sized companies to run a software trial without charge. Bard claims that the focus of the products is to evolve with their clients, identify their unique enterprise needs, acquire positive CRM reviews, and ultimately pay for more accounts.

Typically, small to medium-sized companies are reluctant to invest in a pricey CRM system because they are unaware of the benefits worth paying for. Most businesses are unable to grasp which features are worthy of investment, and how those features will significantly help future business growth. Because of this skepticism, Assistly has cleverly chosen the freemium option–giving users a comprehensive sample of the solution and then charging for the premium software post trial.

Assistly is attempting to try the favored “gamification” route to persuade customers to play with features in the software. By creating new features within the application, users become rewarded with hours of free usage. For example, when a business connects its Twitter account to Assistly, the company acquires three hours of free usage. Assistly 2.0 is also striving to accumulate CRM reviews. Similar incentives, such as free usage hours, are given to users when they receive positive CRM reviews.

Assistly is currently in competition with other major CRM reviews applications such as Zendesk, Parature, and RightNow. Although Salesforce is a major investor in the company, Assistly also competes with this enterprise. Assistly mainly works with Salesforce to aid them in general enterprise CRM needs, including CRM reviews.


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