Cellit Mobile CRM Seeks to Engage Customers with New Platform

Cellit, a mobile CRM (customer relationship management) company, recently sent out their 125,000,000th SMS message for their current clients. Cellit distributes mobile CRM (customer relationship management) applications for businesses in the restaurant and retail industry who seek to utilize mobile software to enhance the quality of customer relationships through more interaction. Cellit offers their Studio campaign management platform that enables customers to compose engaging mobile CRM programs such as interactive games, coupons and surveys to enhance customers’ experience, involvement, commitment, and ultimately investment. Cellit’s Studio campaign management platform works with with client enterprise and POS technology to offer a simple, effective implementation process to optimize the capabilities of their mobile CRM applications.

Currently, over 1,500 customer businesses rely on Cellit’s Studio mobile marketing platform to assist them in the composition of robust and cost-efficient mobile CRM. Many of Cellit’s Studio marketing tools, that were designed to enhance communication, include coupons, exclusive deals, games, and surveys.

President of Cellit, David Wasch, claims: “Our success is a reflection of not only the growth of mobile CRM as a marketing tool, but the trust our clients place in us to manage their mobile marketing campaigns.”

The CRM programs employed by the company were built to assist clients with adapting to mobile CRM technology to encourage an optimized level of customer interaction. Cellit’s Stuido campaign management platform has capabilities to assist in creating insightful mobile CRM programs such as exclusive offers, games, surveys and alerts targeted towards building commitment among clients, which can ultimately lead them to increase investment.

Cellit’s Studio campagin management platform is heavily recommended for its quick and easy integration with POS technology and client enterprise. The effortless combination allows Cellit clients to simply implement the software and efficiently leverage the potential and effectiveness of mobile CRM technology. Cellit offers customizable mobile CRM sites and mobile applications to many industry-leading companies around the world.


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