Homes by Dickerson Chooses Lasso CRM Provider

Homes by Dickerson–a custom and quality dedicated home building company–has recently announced their choice in Lasso Homebuilder CRM as their customer relationship management solution for developing homes in more affluent and centrally located neighborhoods in North Carolina. This vendor is recognized as the prominent builder of top-quality customized homes throughout the majority of North Carolina […]

Custom CRM Applications with

Regarding the unique factors–your vision, process, enterprise model, selected products and services–that distinguish your business over the competition, extending your custom preference to your CRM is equally as critical to maintaining optimal success. Adapting companies need software solutions that can easily comply with a dynamic enterprise. Salesforce CRM provides tools that allow companies to run […]

Mortgage Planner CRM: Top 3 in the Industry

CRM software technology is a rapidly advancing industry, and serves companies of a variety of backgrounds. Meeting the needs of all- from small businesses to large enterprises, and often customizable to meeting a particular company’s unique business needs- CRM software it helps businesses establish and maintain strong relationships with their clients. Specialized CRM software focuses […]

SalesPush CRM Reviews: Free CRM Just a Click Away!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is becoming an essential factor to a company’s success. CRM software helps companies organize their business data in a centralized location, generate leads, implement effective sales/marketing strategies, etc. The majority of CRM software is pretty pricey, which is hard for smaller businesses to afford. If you are a growing company […]

iPad CRM Software: Picking up Speed!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software gives companies a competitive advantage in the marketplace, as it helps them establish and maintain strong relationships with their clients. We know that technology is constantly developing and changing. CRM software needs to keep up with these changes and developments in order to remain useful and successful. When the iPad […]

Microsoft is Dedicated to Release New CRM Services by End of 2011

Before the end of the 2011 year, Microsoft released confirmation on the unveiling of its Dynamics CRM services.
Yesterday, Microsoft’s management and executives decided on the release date for  their latest crm services during a keynote speech at the Worldwide Partner Conference. Along with their Dynamics CRM services, Microsoft officials suggested the product will be an […]

Top 3 Worst Social Media Practices

The social media revolution is rapidly charging forward. Companies are using social media practices to optimize their presence in the online world; this will in turn drive traffic to their sites and gain potential customer interest. Since this social media practices are still fairly new and growing, companies often make mistakes and fall before they […]

What to Look For in CRM Software Reviews

Businesses succeed as long as their customers are happy. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is quickly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s business world, as it helps businesses establish and maintain strong relationships with their clients. Due to its high demand in the marketplace, several companies began developing CRM software, with unique […]

Utilize CRM Implementation Best Practices and Watch Your Company Grow!

Though it has a long way to go, CRM technology has the potential to strongly influence and increase business efficiency and profitability. By using CRM implementation best practices, those CRM companies lagging behind can make a strong comeback. There are many suggestions for CRM implementation best practices out there; the most important CRM implementation best […]

ClickEquations Integrates CRM Measurements for Paid Search

ClickEquations now offers the capability of external conversion tracking to allow advertisers to track, analyze and optimize paid search campaigns based on the value of conversion points as a result of CRM data.
The aim of the new program is to create more accurate reporting and have the ability to make smarter bid management decisions. It […]