CRM on Demand- Ideal for Smaller Businesses!

The introduction of Software as a Service (SaaS) also known as CRM on demand, has transformed CRM software solutions of this day and age. CRM on demand differs from traditional, on premise CRM. It has a central database managed by a CRM provider who is responsible for collecting, maintaining, and sharing data; they also provide relevant analysis/management tools required to improve CRM practices. CRM on demand works best for small and mid-sized companies, because it is easy to implement and maintain. CRM on demand allows smaller companies to focus on strengthening business-related functions, while software installation and server maintenance is handled for them.

What Does CRM on demand Have to Offer?

Web-Based Solutions: CRM on demand gives small to mid-sized businesses a completely web-based CRM solution; this means that CRM on demand is entirely mobile and can be easily accessible at any time, from anywhere.

Instant Information: CRM on demand provides live data. All marketing and sales procedures are instantly available; managers can oversee sales processes and marketing teams get campaign results and analytics instantly.

Security: Providers of CRM on demand ensure strong security for data and information. They are dedicated to backing up and protecting the company’s data; security certification and data encryption keeps information private.

Free Maintenance: Let your company focus on what’s most important- expansion, growth, lead generation, marketing, etc. CRM on demand gives you the freedom to not worry about technical problems, software installation, or technical maintenance.

RightNow Technologies: CRM on Demand

CRM on demand from RightNow Technologies, a leader in CRM software, is highly effective. RightNow Technologies developed CRM on demand, a booming industry, after the success of’s hosted CRM solutions. It offers similar quality at a much lower price. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, RightNow CRM on demand is simplistic and useful for small and medium sized businesses from an array of backgrounds. RightNow CRM on demand is also very competitively priced in the marketplace, at the price of $120/month. This is affordable for smaller businesses, and worth the investment. RightNow CRM on demand aims to help your company smoothly integrate with enterprise systems; it gives you the tools to integrate CRM on demand with data systems, desktops, business processes, etc.

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