CRM Reviews 2011: Successful Small CRM Vendors

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is becoming a necessity for businesses to establish and maintain strong relationships with their clients. Due to high demand, several companies began developing CRM software, with unique features and benefits. While often attracted to the large, well-known vendors, top CRM reviews 2011 indicate that they users should research and consider smaller CRM vendors as well. The large variety of CRM software to choose from can be overwhelming; this is where CRM reviews 2011 come in handy. The CRM reviews 2011 can act as your guide to figure out which CRM software has a strong presence in the marketplace. Listed below are a few of the most successful CRM reviews 2011, focused on small CRM vendors.

Top 2 CRM Reviews 2011

1) Relenta CRM: Ranked among the top 10 CRM reviews 2011, Relenta CRM is a leading small CRM vendors. Relenta CRM provides email/social CRM solutions specifically for small businesses, as social CRM is picking up speed in the marketplace today. With Relenta CRM, customers will gain the ability to interlink communication activity between their team and customers; this strategy is proven to achieve twice as much work in half the time. Relenta CRM has a user-friendly, simple interface that keeps contacts, messages, and activities on a single screen in an organized manner. Some features include:
– Seamless collaboration
– Internal organization/efficiency
– Social network messages/status updates
– Shared calendar/task delegation
– Built-in email marketing strategies
Relenta also provides unlimited, fast email support 24 x 8, with immediate response to emergencies.

2) Chaos Intellect CRM: Chaos Intellect CRM, a product of Chaos Software, is also ranked one of the top CRM reviews 2011. Chaos Intellect CRM is an email client and contact manager in a single CRM program. With on-demand, pay-as-you-go options and benefits, Chaos Intellect CRM is definitely a steal. A few features of Chaos Intellect CRM include:
– Email tracking and detailed histories
– Appointment/Task Histories
– Ability to share your data on a network, even in real time or simultaneous use
– Ability to transport CRM tools through a USB flash drive, on multiple computers
– Shared Calendar/Calendar Alert Reminders
– Ability to view data in several ways; including a single screen
Chaos Intellect CRM provides several features apart from those listed above, and is a reliable vendor, serving happy clients since 1992.

Take a risk and consider investing in CRM software from smaller vendors. You will get more personal, customized attention at a lower cost, and may be in for a pleasant surprise!

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