Ace of Sales CRM

Ace of Sales provides CRM solutions specifically for companies to increase their sales numbers at an effective rate. Ace of Sales focuses on giving customers the tools and training to make sales, close deals, and build loyal relationships. Ace of Sales also helps attract and engage customers; it also differentiates and “wows” customers, guaranteed.

Ace of Sales Pricing

Ace of Sales requires you to pay for only what you use. A monthly subscription is $20/month, and provides the full set of Ace of Sales features, video training, and sending personalized emails. Other features can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go system, based on your need.

Customer Focus

Ace of Sales CRM provides solutions specifically for sales teams or representatives.

Key Features

  • Individual Accounts & Corporate Accounts
  • Track your Efforts
  • Video Training
  • Automate Follow Up
  • Customer Strategy File
  • Postcards & Greeting Cards
  • Personalized Email
  • Easy to Send Ezines

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    Ace of Sales

    brian childers, President, Foxxr 07/30/2011 at 9:41 pm #
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    This software was built to engage with your contacts. It’s rich with video tutorials and branding email options. You can easily create custom and visually appealing email on the fly, which encourages the user to communicate to contacts more often and with style. It’s got a cool feature like send-out-cards built right in that is inexpensive and allows gift cards to be purchased and included on-the-fly.

    The Contacts section is well laid-out and easy to navigate. You can easily add and remove contacts, manage groups and calendar activity.

    I would like to see this CRM sync with Google Calendar since Ace of Sales doesn’t not have pop up reminders. Also, I would like to see some feature requests completed that the users are writing about in their FeedBack Forum.

    Ace of Sales is simple and very effective for communicating your brand. If you are looking for the ability to customize fields, produce sales reports, or have interdepartmental functionality, it’s not for you.

    I use it to engage and communicate and reccommend this software for any small business owner or sales rep that is would like produce dynamic communication and WOW their contacts.

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