Amdocs CRM

Amdocs is an award-winning provider and the market leader in customer experience systems innovation. By combining top-of-the-line software, service, and expertise, Amdocs steers companies in the right direction towards achieving their strategic objectives.

Amdocs Pricing

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Customer Focus

Amdocs’ customers are among the largest communications companies in the world, and their goal is to provide these companies with software that helps to deliver the ultimate customer experience and create a true competitive advantage.

Amdocs CRM Key Features

  • Provides a consistent customer experience to increase loyalty and satisfaction by giving easy access to relevant information, while reducing handling times and training times.
  • Amdocs offers agents a 360 degree view of customers to swiftly address any issues, resulting in an paralleled customer experience.
  • Amdocs uses an intuitive interface that is designed to minimize employee keystrokes and to increase productivity.
  • Amdocs CRM solutions span across all operational support systems, and scale to meet the demands of even the largest companies, while providing support in the areas of: Revenue Management, Customer Management, Service and Resource Management, Digital Commerce and Service Delivery, and Information Management
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