Landslide CRM

Landslide Technologies is passionate about sales. That is why Landslide CRM is a simple, user-friendly, secure software with powerful sales tools that makes a sales team successful.

Landslide CRM Pricing

Landslide CRM solutions start as low as $59/month. Landslide CRM offers a platinum or gold package option for customers, that can be customized to the company’s needs.

Customer Focus

Landslide CRM is ideal for sales teams or sales trainers, from companies of any size.

Landslide CRM Key Features

  • Personal Sales Assistant
  • Mobile CRM
  • Contact & Account Management
  • Lead Management
  • Prospect Portal
  • Opportunity Management
  • Activity & Task Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • CRM Dashboard
  • CRM Reports
  • Web Conferencing
  • Email Marketing
  • CRM Plugins & APIs
  • Resource Library

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    Poor Experience with Landslide CRM

    John, Director, Corporate Development 10/10/2011 at 9:14 pm #
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    My company used Landslide CRM for three months. We paid for Landslide’s top Implementation package and assigned an internal project manager to ensure the set-up and training would go smoothly. We were led to believe that Landslide had the functionality we needed, but the software did not deliver.

    We encountered many problems with the software and usability of the system. We frequently brought these items to Landslide’s attention, and their response was that they would “put it on their to-do list”. When we asked about the status of the “enhancements list” they told us there’s no formal notification process related to submitted items and their status.

    Report functionality was extremely limited. There’s no traditional, intuitive dashboard template for “high-level” executive review of sales reps activities, pipeline etc. It was difficult to pull reports. Landslide purports to have dashboards; however upon using the system we discovered the dashboard is merely an area of the system called Pulse which doesn’t have the capability to track the metrics users might need. Pulse is driven off predefined data and metrics and cannot measure custom fields.

    Instead of saving time, Landslide was cumbersome to use and extensively used “pop-up” technology to perform most of the work/tasks. Landslide’s claim to their system innovation is that it’s designed from a sales reps point of view in helping guide them through the “sales process”. I ask what about the sales management? Since it doesn’t offer traditional activities tracking it’s difficult to quickly see typical metrics sales management needs. While overall cost is less expensive than some other systems, beware –you will more than pay for it, in time, effort and functionality in the long run.

    Furthermore, a member of Landslide’s executive team was rude and unresponsive to our feedback. That member dismissed many of our issues as user error and implied in an email that we were incompetent. Understand we have veteran sales reps and management (25+ years of sales experience) who have successfully used a variety of CRM programs such as Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Sugar, ACT Sage, Goldmine, SalesLogix. I’ve never encountered such an unprofessional act or insult and doubt I will ever again.

    As a result, we switched to Salesforce and have been happy with the change. If you are considering purchasing Landslide, I strongly suggest you reconsider. The mistake we made in purchasing Landslide cost my company money and wasted countless hours of our time.

    Some of our key problems include:
    1. Poor measurement and reporting for high level management:
    a.Pulse pseudo dashboard was slow, cumbersome to use and not informative
    b.Could not report graphically on custom fields
    c.Most reporting done through “MyLists” which are poorly designed/difficult to create – we would create reports only to find out we did it wrong later

    2. Poor usability
    a.System was slow/difficult to navigate and we believe some components of the system are based on non-standard sales and technology platforms
    b.Cannot multi-task because cannot operate multiple windows or move easily from one screen to the next
    c.Easy to leave a screen without saving data –reps regularly lost info they put in the system – this was challenging when a rep was in one Account and would have to move quickly to another when a new call came in
    d.Overall sales rep feedback was negative

    3.Software / program issues
    a.Slow and would freeze up on users more than other programs
    b.MS Outlook Sync slowed down MS Outlook and caused it to freeze/not respond
    c.Compatibility issues in MS Explorer and Mozilla – inconsistent performance – sometimes things would work as they were supposed to and sometimes they wouldn’t

    4.Disorganized training/implementation
    a.No clear training materials/organization for implementation/training
    b.Not consultative/does not reflect any sort of recommended best practices, etc.
    c.Did not listen to our needs and address them.

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    Smart Sales Management with Landslide CRM

    Sydney Melcer 08/11/2011 at 11:19 pm #
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    Landslide CRM has dramatically improved the productivity and efficiency within my entire sales team and enterprise. This system has yet to dissatisfy me when it comes to predicting and gatering consistent sales results. Unlike other CRM systems, Landslide provides a fully customized solution that primarily focuses on sales management. Live and dedicated VIP assistants expedite the data entry process. This helps my team dedicate more focus and time on acquiring more customers, instead of data entry processes. I especially enjoy the live web web conferencing that allows me to go into instant meetings for collaborations with other teams. Landslide CRM uses real-time, objective, and process-based data so my entire company can easily assess potential opportunities and maintain a consistent flowing sales pipeline.

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    Good Experience with Landslide CRM

    David Jensen 07/01/2011 at 10:21 pm #
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    I am no expert when it comes to CRM systems, but I wanted to use one to improve my business. I use Landslide CRM, and have been very satisfied with it. For someone unfamiliar with CRM systems, Landslide has an intuitive interface, and is pretty easy to figure out quickly. It has a lot of great features, like the P3 system that walks sales reps through the selling process- the sales reps are able to keep track of what to do and when to do it. Landslide is not bad- check it out if you are not a CRM expert, and looking for something simple and effective!

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