SalesPush CRM

SalesPush CRM is a complete enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that provides straightforward and immediate efforts to optimize sales performance for users. Designed by sales professionals, this system is built to effectively manage sales through an easy-to-use system that requires little training. SalesPush CRM claims to improve business planning, forecasting, monitoring, and conversion through a high-functional flex-based environment. SalesPush provides real-time and end-to-end visibility into all sales information and allows users to gain full management of the entire sales process.

SalesPush CRM Pricing

Free Edition
3 users/free
$60/data export
$60/hr for support

Professional Edition
50 Users/$10 each/month

Enterprise Edition
Unlimited users/contact SalesPush for pricing

Customer Focus

Small to large-sized enterprises

SalePush CRM Key Features

  • Track all sales leads and prospects
  • Access essential opportunity data (value, source, close date, campaign, product)
  • Analyze sales levels and possible profit
  • Qualify leads and prospects to next level based on data
  • Custom lead and prospect management
  • Export leads data to spreadsheet software
  • Track contacts, prospects, and duties
  • Rank importance of contacts within the company database
  • Import contact from outside devices
  • Track all accounts from single interface
  • Specify parent-child relationships between accounts and subsidiaries
  • Track client purchase history
  • Store account or contact details and documents in an account repository
  • Assign duties to all accounts or contacts that require a follow-up
  • Store all customer meeting details and calls in intuitive interface
  • Daily task management
  • Prioritize duties
  • Flash based, interactive dashboards

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