Research Now Gives Incentive to Share and Gather CRM Opinions through Online Survey App

Research Now, is an industry-leading international data collection company that allows enterprises to communicate with real customers and business decision makers to make essential company decisions. They recently announced the release of their Valued Opinions Mobile app with complete survey capability. 

The Valued Opinions Mobile application can be used to accumulate CRM opinions on a wide range of research needs, covering simple surveys to automated review polls. It was built to offer abundant advantages for both research personnel and panelists. With this app, research personnel possess the capabilities to view real time data and acquire more genuine CRM opinions. Complete survey functionality also allows research personnel to market to difficult target segments.

Panelists are capable of sharing their CRM opinions, regardless of location, through participating in mobile surveys and managing their Valued Opinions account without the need for a computer log-in. Users are only required to select a survey they wish to complete and the survey is instantly downloaded to their mobile device, including graphic images which may be stored on the phone. Users may then share their CRM opinions and answers whenever is convenient. They are able to put the survey on pause at any time and continue later, all without the need for connecting to the web.

Although the goal of Valued Opinions Mobile is for members to receive surveys and send CRM opinions, the application is built specifically for Valued Opinions’ users to participate in paid surveys throughout Australia, without the need of a web connection. So, when a Valued Opinions member is located anywhere without internet connection, the user may still access these surveys and share their CRM opinions.

The VP of Panel Marketing and CRM at Valued Opinions, Thomas Lapperger, stated: “This app allows our members to stay in touch with the Valued Opinions community wherever they happen to be, and is one of the many steps we are taking to provide the best service to them. Members sharing their opinions with us and being rewarded for their time are key ingredients to the success of Valued Opinions.”

As you conduct research for a CRM system, gathering CRM opinions from online survey apps like Valued Opinions can help you in your search for important CRM information.


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