Top 2 Customer Service Management CRM Vendors

Customer service management is a strategy that is widely implemented within a company, and serves the purpose of managing its interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. Customer service management often requires the use of CRM software technology to organize/conduct business processes such as marketing, technical support, and customer service. The main idea behind customer service management software is to generate potential sales prospects, retain existing customers/clients, and lower the costs of marketing and client service. Several CRM vendors offer customer service management CRM software; the two most well-known vendors specializing in customer service management software are Netsuite CRM+ and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Customer Service Management: Netsuite CRM+

Netsuite CRM+ provides customer service management software that allows customers to reduce costs and improve customer retention rates; it also allows for upselling and driving greater revenue. Netsuite CRM+ is customer service management software that is a cloud computing solution, integrated with other Netsuite functions; this will help your company gain high customer satisfaction rates, and maintain low costs. Some benefits of Netsuite CRM+ include: Tracking customer satisfaction in real time, providing unlimited support anytime and anywhere, accelerate conflict resolution time through complete customer visibility, increase response accuracy and reduce response times, etc. Key features of Netsuite CRM+ customer service management software include:

– Case Management
– Knowledge Base Software
– Customer Portal
– Time Tracking

Customer Service Management: Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a leading vendor of specialized CRM solutions, including customer service management software solutions. Microsoft Dynamics customer service management software provides comprehensive, flexible solutions through an intuitive interface. This results in a collaborative, integrated organization; it increases customer satisfaction rates and reduces overall costs. It also helps you build and establish long term relationships with your customers with service contract management, logging, and tracking abilities. The key features and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics customer service management CRM include the following:

– Campaign management
– Contact management/search
– Interaction/Document management
– Service Contract management
– Opportunity management
– Planning/Dispatching
– Service Item/Order/Price Management
– Task Management

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