AppShore CRM

What AppShore Can Do

AppShore is a CRM provider that was founded with the sole purpose to provide small businesses with an affordable, functional, and easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management solution. By providing consistent service and technological innovation, AppShore takes personal responsibility to ensure the success of each customer.

Satisfied Customers

QwikQuote, eSource Marketing, First Home Help, Blue Reef Yachting, AmeriShade, StubDog, Penncat, SnapStone

AppShore Technology

The on-demand AppShore CRM is built on a sophisticated application management platform that enhances productivity with bulk operations, search engine capabilities, context sensitive pop-up windows and drill down menus, most recently viewed, and records tags.

Bottom Line

With no software to purchase, deploy, or maintain, AppShore provides a low total cost of ownership for business owners, and the monthly subscription can be stopped at any time. AppShore’s highly intuitive interface requires no training, and all of the AppShore applications are based on the same platform leveraging a shared look and feel to dramatically reduce learning curves and training costs. That being said, AppShore is an ideal solution for small business owners looking to optimize their CRM efforts.

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