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AppShore is a CRM provider that uses customer-driven innovation to give users frequent system upgrades with the features they want, thereby increasing the value of the web-based CRM software, while still maintaining its low cost points. AppShore CRM solutions are known for their high levels of usability and basic feature sets.

AppShore Pricing

  • Solo (Single User): $9
  • Team3 (up to 3 users): $24
  • Team 7 (up to 7 users): $49
  • Team15 (up to 15 users): $84
  • Team30 (up to 30 users): $129

Consumer Focus

AppShore provides ideal CRM solutions for small, growing businesses.

AppShore Key Features

  • Lead Management- including web-to-lead capture, lead qualification, and list management
  • Account and Contact Management- Can add an unlimited number of contacts and link to accounts and related documents, activities, and emails.
  • Activity Management- Tracks and manages all activities including emails, phone calls, meetings, tasks, and more. The activities can then be linked to related accounts, contacts, opportunities, and cases.
  • Opportunity Management- Tracks opportunities from start to close, and provides valuable information about the sale process, closing date, dollar amount, and the stage of the sale.
  • Document Management- Creates a central hub to store all documents in a secure place, and allows them to be linked to accounts and contacts.
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  1. Completely Affordable and Perfect for Small Businesses

    Nikki Troubadour, Channel Marketing Manager, Arliss 05/26/2011 at 10:53 pm #
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    Our journey to finding the right CRM solution was by no means a simple process. We test drove a few CRM vehicles touted as ‘best-in-class’ for small businesses, but none were a good fit. Thankfully, we stumbled upon AppShore and haven’t turned back since. As a smaller business, we wanted to focus on maintaining excellent relationships with our clients, instead of focusing on how to pay for an expensive CRM with features we wouldn’t use.

    AppShore is the perfect solution for our business, and provides us with exactly what we need. The AppShore UI is intuitive, so you won’t find yourself memorizing a manual. Managing accounts is a breeze since you can upload your Outlook Contacts and ACT! files. I also enjoy the new leads feature that captures data from Website forms and saves it into the AppShore CRM platform. Nothing falls through the cracks! We may need a more robust CRM a few years down the road, but AppShore CRM provides the perfect amount of CRM support we need now. I highly recommend it! And the best part: it’s completely affordable!

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