Soffront CRM

What Soffront Can Do

Since 1992, Soffront has revolutionized the CRM market. The company offers a complete CRM solution that meets the needs of mid-market companies with capabilities in sales, marketing and support. Soffront services over 2,500 customers worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, federal, state, and local governments. The completely Web-based CRM is highly flexible and can adapt to a number of different environments and organizational structures. Soffront CRM also leverages quick implementation speeds, and can be deployed in just a few days.

Satisfied Customers

Ensim, Oilco, Ternion Corporation, HitSoftware, Tatara Systems

Soffront Technology

Soffront CRM is “built-to-adapt”. Adapt not only for the initial deployment but also with customer’s changing business. With Soffront, there is no need to force-fit the business process to match the software. The architecture of the solution coupled with powerful easy-to-use end-user tools is the key to this flexibility. There is no need for companies to re-do customizations when upgrading; they are automatically ported.

Bottom Line

Soffront offers one of the broadest suite of CRM applications spanning the marketing, sales, partner management, customer support, defect tracking, employee support and portal applications. These applications are pre-integrated and there is no need to write special interfaces for integrating these applications. The COM based Soffront object model used to establish this pre-integration is available for companies to integrate with any external application.

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