Small Business CRM Comparison: A look at PerfectMind, BatchBook, and Landslide CRM

You run a small business and you want to be able to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, but how do you know which solution will best fit your needs and your environment? You will need to do a small business CRM comparison, but where to begin? The choices really do seem endless, but here you will find a comparison between three powerful players, each of which design their solutions specifically for the SMB space. In this small business CRM comparison, we’ll take a look at PerfectMind, BatchBook and Landslide CRM.

Small Business CRM Comparison: PerfectMind

The name would suggest that you really need to look no further in your small business CRM comparison, but that wouldn’t satisfy your need to complete your due diligence. Instead, dig a little deeper and find that this platform allows you to manage both your business and your website from the same system. The company behind PerfectMind promises that if you know how to write an email, you’ll know how to edit your website. They also promise that just a few mouse clicks is all it takes to update or edit the website from anywhere. Built in forms and an auto email app and the social media integration make this a powerful player in your small business CRM comparison. Check out real PerfectMind reviews written by your peers to see what other users think about the system.

Small Business CRM Comparison: BatchBook

For those of you who have a somewhat different approach to your small business CRM comparison, BatchBook takes it down a notch. The lightweight and powerful solution gives you the tools you need to monitor your social networks, organize your contacts and manage all of your deals. BatchBook will integrate easily with other apps designed for the small business; track communications, contacts and tasks; and it offers a highly customizable platform with fields and reports that can also be customized according to your needs. BatchBook, in terms of the small business CRM comparison, is geared more toward your company if you want to track contacts and share them with the team. You can also leverage this platform to build out your own database. Check what real users are saying in our BatchBook reviews.

Small Business CRM Comparison: Landslide CRM

If you want to build out targeted prospect lists intelligently and quickly, Landslide CRM may be the best option when conducting your small business CRM comparison. The platform will also monitor any business events that can affect your customers or your prospects so you can see opportunities before they form. Landslide CRM will also help you to make the right introductions through social networks. To truly extend the value of your social media, Landslide CRM will also provide complete visibility of every platform in which you are involved. It also doesn’t hurt that you can increase lead generation and take only minutes to prepare for a meeting. When it’s all about conversion rates, your small business CRM comparison has to include Landslide CRM. See what users are saying in Landslide CRM reviews.

As you can see, each of these platforms offer something worth investigating. The true point here is what you expect to gain from your small business CRM comparison. Once you can clear answer that question – you’ll be well positioned to make the right choice.

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