Real CRM Reviews: Comparing Landslide CRM and Siebel CRM

Customer-facing portal tools, good service and customer support, broad sales functionality, sales analytics and reporting … Seibel and Landslide have a number of offerings that can help your company. Here’s a look at what offerings real CRM reviews will show you.
Real CRM Reviews: Landslide
Real CRM reviews chose Landslide as the top CRM solution for 2010, […]

CRM User Reviews: A Look at vTiger

vTiger’s goal is to deliver the lowest cost CRM solution to its clients in a manner that is easy to set up. The open source software evolves through community cooperation. vTiger offers 15-plus modules for marketing, sales, support, inventory, and project management. It was introduced in 2004 and is in use by more than 100,000 […]

How to Find the Best CRM for Your Business: Part I

Searching for any software solution can be a challenge if you don’t have all the information you need. Bridging the information gap requires you to do a little fact finding, gathering the answers to specific questions so you can be fully prepared to make the right selection and manage a successful implementation. The same rings […]

SAP CRM 7.0: So What’s new?

UI framework enhancements, architecture improvements, service excellence upgrades, consumer marketing tools, sales performance enhancers, ERP order embedded CRM processes, and enterprise services are all featured in SAP CARM 7.0. These features should help your company reduce costs and improve your ability to make decisions and maximize your relationships with your customers – your most prized […]

My CRM Software Implementation Horror Story

When a company makes the decision to do a CRM software implementation, the hope is that they won’t become a statistic. Gartner has indicated that a majority of CRM software implementation projects fail. When my company began the process, we thought that these failures were more about the people implementing them than the projects themselves. […]

Should You Make the Switch to a Cloud CRM Software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is designed to speed up and simplify the management of data which forecasts and measures the pulse of sales activity. By streamlining tasks and aggregating information for the sales team, CRM software sets them free to spend more time developing customer relationships and expanding the customer contact list. Similar benefits […]

Comparing Small Business CRM Systems

Customer relationship management or CRM is really just the strategy your company has in place to handle all relations with your current or potential customers. The sales activity, customer service issues, and technical support that your customers may need all fall under this category. Obviously some larger companies may have different CRM methods in place […]

Using Customer Experience Metrics to Drive Stronger Relationships with Customers

Measuring the customer experience – it is something that every company should be actively doing to determine whether or not the customer is truly satisfied with their products or services. Perhaps you have already launched such initiatives within your environment. If so, are you building a better relationship with your customers? If you aren’t clearly […]

5 Steps to Improve Customer Retention

Improving customer retention is about the numbers. Customer retention refers to how many customers didn’t come back over a certain timeframe, in comparison to how many customers stayed with you, excluding new customers. Keeping retention levels up where you want them can be increasingly complex as customer interaction channels are more multi-faceted than ever. The […]

Using Social Media Monitoring to Improve Customer Service and Sales

Now that you have been inundated with all of the arguments surrounding the power of social media as part of your customer service and sales strategy, how do you ensure that you are executing your strategy properly? More importantly, how can you leverage social media to get the most value for your organization? The easiest […]